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Planning a romantic UK getaway

Sarah 30 April 2019

Whilst we fully appreciate you may have already bounced off this page, pained by the mention of romance and the notion that if you need be told how to do something romantic, it’s not actually going to be focused on the lovely-dovey idyll at all. We’re here to help with the planning so that you can focus on the intimate details when you arrive…

Our seven-point plan (we like to keep things brief – in the words of Chandler Bing, “It bodes well if speed impresses you,”) to hammer home how to plan a romantic UK getaway, because, let’s face it, we could all do with pulling our socks up in the romance department…

   1. The gift of TIME

It’s a precious thing. So, if you’ve secured a bit of time away together, don’t spend too much of it in transit. There’s nothing less romantic than spending a quarter of your weekend away holed up on the M4 in pained silence as you quietly blame each other for any delays, muttering under your breath about how she took too long to get ready or how he typically ignored the sat nav’s instructions.

Keep it simple. Keep travel times short and, if possible, take the pressure off and book public transport.

   2. Destination, Destination, Destination

Is your partner a land-locked surfer in need of a dose of vitamin sea? Or perhaps you’re both city-dwellers who dream of lying low in a very big house in the country; whatever your preference, the destination is sure to set the pace and tone of your time away, so choose wisely.

If you stay in a place that allows you to feed both your passions, allowing you to engage in like-minded activities, it’s sure to make for a harmonious break. This leads on nicely to the next point…

Romantic break ideas

   3. Details…

The Devil is in them – so avoid too many. Over-planning will kill the relaxing vibes. If the scene is appropriately set (as mentioned in point 2 above) the rest will simply happen; heartfelt moments, spontaneous activities and plenty of memories to draw on once you’ve returned.

All you need to do is lay the foundations for your getaway: if you enjoy cooking together, book a property with a professional kitchen; like kicking back with a glass of fizz in hand? Then surely a hot tub should be on your list of wants. These simple touches can act as the catalyst for plenty of off-the-cuff activities.

  4. Short + sweet

When planning a romantic break, we’d advise you keep things short, so they stay sweet. Who on earth can sustain more than 72 hours together gazing into each other’s eyes - and once you’ve caught up over one meal… what would you find to say to each other?

We jest of course, but there is something to be said for a swift mid-week retreat, to reconnect and recharge batteries; or to hide and sleep across a long weekend, perhaps cramming in a mini adventure and exploring somewhere new together.

Couples romantic break

  5. A surprise? Well played

Nothing shrieks ‘treat’ quite as much as a surprise. If you’re looking to score some serious romance points, then keep things on the quiet and plan your trip under-the-radar. A heads up though, most peeps like packing notice, so even if you keep the destination quiet, perhaps let your loved one know you’ve booked a break, allowing enough time to get themselves together.

  6. What to pack… and what to leave behind

Pack wisely. There is no point in packing your Sunday best if you’ve planned a two-night break off-grid in a timber shack away from the trappings of modern life. Keep it simple and set aside some loungewear, an extra set of outdoor clothes (aside from what you’re travelling in) and appropriate footwear. Same goes for a city or seaside break; there’s no need to pack for every eventuality, let common sense prevail and you’re sure to feel more relaxed by taking less “stuff”.

  7. Our collection

In need of inspiration for where to stay? Well, that’s where we can certainly assist. Hide & sleep at one of our luxury boltholes by the sea or switch off in a rustic hideaway with only your beloved for company; our collection of romantic getaways spans England, Scotland and Wales and presents a range of tempting holiday ideas to spark your inspiration. 

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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